Project Overview

College Football Unlimited

College Football Unlimited - Desktop
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Client Introduction

College Football Unlimited provides college football bettors, handicappers, and fans with reliable, accurate, time-saving research tools. CFU helps users make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game in the world of college football betting. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual fan, College Football Unlimited has the tools customers need to succeed. CFU approached New Beginin’ for assistance in launching its online platform, which would require custom software development to showcase its research data elegantly while also offering tiered memberships.

Service's Provided

Our development team helped College Football Unlimited launch a beautiful modern website with a one-of-a-kind statistics calculation plugin that allows users to access a wide range of team/player data and analysis. We also implemented tiered membership access, which gives users the ability to access different levels of content and features based on their membership level. We implemented automated backups to ensure that the website’s data is always protected. Additionally, we increased transactional email reliability to ensure that users receive important notifications and updates in a timely manner. Overall, our team was excited to have worked closely with College Football Unlimited to deliver a unique solution that fulfills their specific needs and provides an exceptional user experience.

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College Football Unlimited - Mobile Responsive
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